AI in Fundraising

This page lists a handful of how-to-guides and webinars on how to incorporate AI in your fundraising practices.

AI for Nonprofits: How to Use Artificial Intelligence for Good

The online fundraising platform Donorbox offers a comprehensive guide on how non-profits can implement AI in their fundraising strategies. It includes practical tips, examples, and an extensive list of resources and providers for getting started with AI-powered fundraising tools.

Donorbox has also produced a webinar with 8 Nonprofit AI Tools and Tips to Help Grow Awareness, Funding, and Engagement:

Getting started with AI-driven fundraising

As nonprofits increasingly seek efficiency and smarter fundraising strategies, AI has emerged as a powerful tool. This guide, a crash course by Tim Paris for Candid, focuses on AI-driven fundraising, explaining its mechanics and potential benefits. By harnessing machine learning technology, non-profits can analyse donor data to predict behaviour and tailor outreach efforts. AI enables targeted mailing lists, proactive donor engagement, and optimized campaign planning, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and reduced overhead costs. Real-world examples, such as Parkinson's UK, demonstrate AI's ability to generate more revenue and improve ROI by identifying missed donation opportunities. While AI offers transformative potential, its effective implementation requires understanding its capabilities and integrating it strategically into fundraising strategies.

How to Use AI for Fundraising

This webinar with Dr. Eva Weiners for Philanthropia explores how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changing technology, offering unparalleled opportunities to transform fundraising strategies. In this video, she delves into the ways nonprofits can leverage AI's capabilities to elevate your fundraising strategy, from donor mapping to crafting compelling proposals.

Fundraising in 2024: Unleashing the Power of AI

In this webinar Dr. Eva Weiner talks about how to harness AI for fundraising success, engage donors effectively, refine your proposal writing, and generate innovative concepts to captivate donors’ attention. AI has emerged as a transformative force, opening unprecedented opportunities to revolutionize fundraising strategies.

How to Unlock the Power of AI Fundraising: A Complete Guide

Fundraising consulting firm BWF has compiled a guide to how detailing everything an organisation needs to know about how AI can support fundraising strategies and where to get started. Their guide covers:

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