Covid-19: How to keep your audience informed
Nonprofit journalism grew in 2020 — and individual donors played an increasingly large part
Nieman Lab
Rescuing journalism from the Covid-19 assault | European Journalism Observatory - EJO
European Journalism Observatory - EJO
A Replanting Strategy: Saving Local Newspapers Squeezed by Hedge Funds — Center for Journalism & Liberty
Center for Journalism & Liberty
Coronavirus May Spell the End for Many of Africa's Print Newspapers
Global Investigative Journalism Network
How many plans to save local journalism are too many? - Poynter
Reconstructing American News
Ford Foundation
Saving Journalism: A Vision for the Post-Covid World
Foundation Office Washington, D.C.
How Are Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google Monopolies? House Report Counts The Ways
“Where there is disruption, there is opportunity”: What does the future hold for nonprofit newsrooms?
Columbia Journalism Review
Global journalism is fighting for international development funding but shouldn’t need to.
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