Displaced Journalists

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Network of Exiled Media Organizations

NEMO is a network of exiled media organizations that actively share knowledge and best practices to more effectively — and efficiently — provide independent and high-quality journalism to populations without access to a domestic free press.

The Exiled Media Podcast

The Exiled Media Podcast is a joint collaboration between NEMO co-founders Confidencial (Nicaragua), Meydan TV (Azerbaijan), and Zamaneh Media (Iran).

This series features voices from exile media outlets across the globe sharing their successes and challenges, so that other actors in the exiled media sphere can benefit from lessons learned.

Tips and Tools for reporting from exile

Journalists displaced by autocratic regimes are reporting on their homelands in increasingly innovative and effective ways. In interviews with the Global Investigative Journalism Network, exiled news leaders offer lessons learned, including tips on reaching on-the-ground sources, accessing blocked audiences, and circumventing government censorship.

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