+ Fundraising and Crowdfunding for Media and Journalists in Palestine

THIS PAGE IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION: The page contains requests for financial and logistical support and donations for the media community in Palestine. The page is updated regularly.

GFMD has collated these initiatives as part of our information sharing effort to support media and journalists in Palestine and the region. Please check any site that you choose to donate to for authenticity.

ARIJ fundraising campaign for Gaza's journalists

Palestinian journalists are covering the war on Gaza under unprecedented circumstances. They continue to tell the stories of daily brutalities while being part of the story themselves, while losing their colleagues, family members and homes, along with their cameras, laptops, phones.

More journalists have been killed in the war on Gaza than during any other period since the Committee to Protect Journalists started keeping record.

In the past few weeks, the Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) helped tens of Palestinian journalists replace their damaged and lost equipment. ARIJ also supports Palestinian journalists in the occupied West Bank, where emergency assistance is also needed.

IMS campaign to support Gaza's journalists

International Media Support has initiated a dedicated fundraising campaign to support journalists in Gaza.

Support goes to:

  • Food, clothes, blankets and other utilities for journalists and their families

  • Safety equipment and gear for journalists, such as press vests, helmets, cell phones and cameras.

  • Psychosocial support for journalists

  • Ongoing support to keep as many media outlets as possible operating

Avaaz campaign for Gaza

Fund Avaaz campaigns to defend human rights around the world.

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