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The Fix: Connecting publications with tech support providers

Media industry publication The Fix is ensuring that Ukrainian media receive tech support "by directly connecting publications with providers who have offered their services, helping migrate hosting, boost storage, debug sites etc." For assistance please contact [email protected].

Lviv Media Forum

The Lviv Media Forum is providing 24/7 support to the Ukrainian editorial boards and journalists during the crisis.
  • Cybersecurity consulting to protect the Ukrainian media space
  • Unblocking Facebook and Instagram accounts, providing further assistance to prevent social media assets from being banned
For information about the organisation's logistical support see below.
How does Lviv Media Forum help journalist during the time of war? – Lviv Media Forum
Lviv Media Forum


Facebook has established a Special Operations Center to respond to activity across the platform in real time. It is staffed by experts from across the company, including native speakers, to allow them to closely monitor the situation so they can remove content that violates their Community Standards faster. They have also launched a new feature in Ukraine that allows people to lock their profile to provide an extra layer of privacy and security protection over their information.
Last week the FB Media Partnerships Team launched a Journalist Safety Campaign which includes a new web destination for Journalist Safety and guides available in multiple languages that explain the content in the attachment (ex: setting up 2FA, reporting harassment, etc.). These guides will be updated as the content is updated moving forward.
The Meta Journalism Project offers Training and Support Resources: Equip yourself with resources to help mitigate digital safety risks and find organisations that can address other security concerns you may face — including legal issues, mental health and physical safety.

Pro-bono protection against DDOS attacks

If you are the victim of a DDOS attack, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) can refer your organisation to Cloudflare, an American web infrastructure and website security company that provides content delivery network and DDoS mitigation services. Cloudflare offers pro-bono protections against DDOS attacks for organisations referred by NED. For assistance, please contact [email protected].
National Endowment for Democracy partners with Project Galileo to offer free cybersecurity protection to democracy organizations - NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR DEMOCRACY


If your media or journalism organisation’s Twitter account has been taken down or blocked by malicious actors, the Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD) can help reestablish your account by contacting Twitter to help verify your work and status. Please contact us on [email protected] and explain your situation.

Free DW Resources to Avoid Disinformation and Circumvent Censorship

DW Freedom (Twitter), a project of Deutsche Welle highlights complex issues surrounding free speech, free expression and a free press around the world. In connection with the ongoing crisis in Ukraine they recommend a series of articles they have published on circumventing censorship and moving unrecognised on the internet.
Russo-Ukrainian War: Free DW Resources to Help You Stay Clear of Disinformation and Circumvent Censorship - DW Innovation
DW Innovation
DW Innovation also recommends accessing InfoMigrants, “a news and information site for migrants to counter misinformation at every point of their journey: in their country of origin, along the route, or in the places where they hope to start a new life.” The site is a joint-venture of DW, ANSA and France Médias Monde.
No Ukrainian or Russian language service has been established yet, but the war in Eastern Europe is already being covered in the English language news.
InfoMigrants: reliable and verified news for migrants - InfoMigrants

Digital safety advice from CPJ

"Journalists should protect themselves and their sources by keeping up to date on the latest digital security news and threats such as hacking, phishing, and surveillance. Journalists should think about the information they are responsible for and what could happen if it falls into the wrong hands, and take measures to defend their accounts, devices, communications, and online activity."
See more on CPJ's Digital Safety Kit. You can also read their article about how to prepare for internet shut-downs.
Digital Safety Kit
Committee to Protect Journalists
Digital Safety: Internet shutdowns
Committee to Protect Journalists

Satellite Communication Threats

Risks are inherent in using any form of communication tool when speaking truth to power. Satellite communication tools are often rolled out quickly during crises as they provide critical access and are difficult – but not impossible – to block. However, the risks of using these tools must be considered.
Internews has published a guide discussing threats which are widely applicable to 2-way satellite communications devices, such as satellite phones and pagers, Inmarsat BGANs, Starlinks, and VSAT terminals.
Satellite Communication Threats
Satellite Communiction Threats
SATCOM threat-model UA_FINAL.pdf

Internews Tech Support

Internews can support partners with anti-virus software, DDoS protection, hosting, VPNs and any ad hoc tech-related requests. Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions or if any of the tech services below are of interest:
  • Anti-virus software - ESET: This is anti-virus software that works to protect your device against cyber intrusions such as malware attacks and data breaches. One ESET license can be installed on five different devices. Valid for three years.
  • Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Protection - Cloudflare: Cloudflare provides robust security to enterprises that are targets of DDoS and other cyber-attacks. Project Galileo has made that same security available for at-risk public interest websites at no cost. In an effort to keep participants safe from potential backlash, Cloudflare will not publicly announce sites involved in Project Galileo without explicit permission.
  • Hosting - Greenhost/eQualitie: Internews has limited available credits for web hosting, which may include services like migration or set up of tools, for example Nextcloud or Mattermost. Specific hosting requirements will be assessed.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) - TunnelBear: TunnelBear encrypts your internet connection and protects your privacy, which prevents hackers or other nefarious actors from viewing or accessing your browsing activity, hiding your real IP address, and helps you to bypass internet censorship. Valid for one year.

Five Ways to Stay Online During a Government Internet Shutdown

International nonprofit journalism organisation Rest of World has spoken to experts in privacy and security to get their advice on the tools and tactics for skirting shutdowns.
From the article, "Experts advise that if you live in a place where shutdowns are a risk — and that risk is spreading — be prepared. Download VPNs and other apps; be sure to have a contingency plan, including a phone number that doesn’t rely on the internet to connect; and have a phone tree of important people to call should something happen."
Five ways to stay online during a government internet shutdown
Rest of World
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