Public spreadsheet for debunked information on Ukraine

Bellingcat has published an article on how to document and debunk footage from the frontlines and compiled a public spreadsheet debunking reported incidents.
Documenting and Debunking Dubious Footage from Ukraine’s Frontlines - bellingcat

Digging Into the Disinformation Campaign Behind Russia’s War on Ukraine (GIJN)

In this article, Nobel Peace Prize winner and Rappler CEO Maria Ressa interviews disinformation expert Jane Lytvynenko about Russian state propaganda and the war in Ukraine. Rowan Philip at the Global Investigative Journalism Network writes: "We now know that the US war in Vietnam was predicated on false claims about an attack on an American warship in the Gulf of Tonkin. Likewise, the 2003 invasion of Iraq was justified using choreographed — and ultimately baseless — claims that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. Has a similar campaign of disinformation been used too as a pretext for Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine?"
Digging Into the Disinformation Campaign Behind Russia's War on Ukraine
Global Investigative Journalism Network

GIJN starter-toolkit to track Russia around the world

"Russia’s war against Ukraine has sparked an explosion of interest in what Moscow is up to around the world."
GIJN has therefore assembled a starter-toolkit to help journalists track Russian assets, political interference, and disinformation in their countries. They have gathered over 30 useful sites from oligarch planes to sanctions trackers, plus tools for following Russia’s war on Ukraine.
Investigating Russia Around the World: A GIJN Instant Toolkit
Global Investigative Journalism Network

Poynter - spotting fakes and fact-checking Ukraine

How to spot video and photo fakes as Russia invades Ukraine

A look at the techniques that journalists and other investigators use to verify whether images and videos are real and in accurate context.
How to spot video and photo fakes as Russia invades Ukraine - Poynter


The International Fact-Checking Network is a unit of the Poynter Institute dedicated to bringing together fact-checkers worldwide. You can find verified facts and debunked disinformation on Ukraine on the #UkraineFacts page.
Read more about #UkraineFacts in this article from the Reuters Institute.
How fact-checkers from 70 countries are fighting misinformation on Ukraine
Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

Free DW Resources to help you stay clear of disinformation and circumvent censorship on Ukraine

The Deutsche Welle Innovation Team has published a list of free DW resources to help readers stay clear of questionable content and/or help others access much needed information. They also have a dedicated fact checking team that “debunks, explains and uses in-depth research techniques to separate fact from fiction.” They already have and will continue to run special posts on fakes, propaganda, and the war.
Russo-Ukrainian War: Free DW Resources to Help You Stay Clear of Disinformation and Circumvent Censorship - DW Innovation
DW Innovation

Q&A: International Laws governing armed conflict

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has published an article detailing the legal aspects of ongoing situation in Ukraine. See Russia, Ukraine & International Law: On Occupation, Armed Conflict and Human Rights
Russia, Ukraine & International Law: On Occupation, Armed Conflict and Human Rights
Human Rights Watch

Russian Social Media Usage

Foreign Policy has mapped how a network of pro-Kremlin propaganda social media channels are being used to 'massage' the war online on Putin’s terms.
"Telegram may be a fairly marginal social media channel in the West, but—unlike Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube—it is one free of restrictions for state-backed propaganda campaigns in Russia, where it remains popular."
Russia Launches Social Media Offensive Alongside Missiles
Foreign Policy
Global Conflict Monitor
Núcleo Jornalismo

Longer-term and global context facts on Ukraine

The site does not publish any data on the ongoing war in Ukraine, but instead provides longer-term and global context on military resources, conflicts, energy production and trade, political regimes and other relevant topics.
War in Ukraine
Our World in Data

Global Conflict Monitor

This tool, created by Brazilian Núcleo Jornalismo, an initiative that covers the impact of social networks on people's lives, "monitors a curated list of accounts on Twitter in order to increase discovery of reliable, actionable social media information about the war in Ukraine in 2022. By having a curated list, the tool helps to filter out the noise of disinformation, misinformation, memes and plagiarism surrounding the conflict."
Núcleo has its own curated list, and also rely on lists by GFMD, Nieman Lab, and the following Twitter lists: Russia-Ukraine , by Cristina Tardáguila and Ukraine Women Journalists by #WomenInJournalism.
Global Conflict Monitor
Núcleo Jornalismo

Map of fact-checking initiatives in Europe

The European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) "brings together fact-checkers, media literacy experts, and academic researchers to understand and analyse disinformation, in collaboration with media organisations, online platforms and media literacy practitioners."
EDMO has established a taskforce on disinformation about the war in Ukraine focusing on EU and EEA countries, as well as the western Balkans, "collecting and sorting relevant material covering various aspects such as fact-checking, investigations, rapid analysis, and research on disinformation campaigns, as well as specific media literacy initiatives."
The taskforce curates a periodically updated list of fact-checking articles that the EDMO’s network has published during the crisis.
War in Ukraine – EDMO
EDMO has created a comprehensive “map” of EU-based initiatives and organizations that focus on fact-checking, verification, or open source intelligence (OSINT). For now, their repository features:
  • an actual map with names and locations of relevant organizations (zoomable)
  • a table with extended information (sortable, searchable)
  • an editorial section featuring short portraits of individual operations
Fact-checking Activities – EDMO