Global Conflict Monitor

This tool, created by Brazilian Núcleo Jornalismo, an initiative that covers the impact of social networks on people's lives, "monitors a curated list of accounts on Twitter in order to increase discovery of reliable, actionable social media information about the war in Ukraine in 2022. By having a curated list, the tool helps to filter out the noise of disinformation, misinformation, memes and plagiarism surrounding the conflict."
Núcleo has its own curated list, and also rely on lists by GFMD, Nieman Lab, and the following Twitter lists: Russia-Ukraine , by Cristina Tardáguila and Ukraine Women Journalists by #WomenInJournalism.

Map of fact-checking initiatives in Europe

The European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) "brings together fact-checkers, media literacy experts, and academic researchers to understand and analyse disinformation, in collaboration with media organisations, online platforms and media literacy practitioners."
EDMO has established a taskforce on disinformation about the war in Ukraine focusing on EU and EEA countries, as well as the western Balkans, "collecting and sorting relevant material covering various aspects such as fact-checking, investigations, rapid analysis, and research on disinformation campaigns, as well as specific media literacy initiatives."
The taskforce curates a periodically updated list of fact-checking articles that the EDMO’s network has published during the crisis.
EDMO has created a comprehensive “map” of EU-based initiatives and organizations that focus on fact-checking, verification, or open source intelligence (OSINT). For now, their repository features:
  • an actual map with names and locations of relevant organizations (zoomable)
  • a table with extended information (sortable, searchable)
  • an editorial section featuring short portraits of individual operations