MediaDev Fundraising Guide

The GFMD MediaDev Fundraising Guide is designed to help anyone seeking funding for media development or journalism support projects.

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The Guide is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


If your organisation is planning to apply for media development or journalism support funding, the GFMD MediaDev Fundraising Guide is for you.

We hope that the Guide will provide insight into a variety of application models, take you through the project design process, and help you submit better - and ultimately more successful - funding proposals.

Who is the MediaDev Fundraising Guide for?

This Guide is for anyone applying for media development and journalism support funding.

It aims to be comprehensive, and support individuals and organisations making their first applications as well as provide a refresher for more experienced fundraisers.

Obviously, some sections will be more relevant than others depending on the size and nature of your organisation. We are in the process of adding examples and case studies to illustrate how to adapt the guidance depending on your circumstances.

If you feel that your type of organisation has not been properly catered for, or, if you have a case study or insight to contribute, we want to hear from you!

Feedback & collaboration

How to use the MediaDev Fundraising Guide

The Guide is designed to be read sequentially with each module building on the previous modules.

To use the Guide in this way, simply move to the next section by clicking on the button at the bottom right-hand corner of every page.

If you are in a rush or want to return to the page you were reading on your last visit, use the left-hand navigation section to skip to specific topics.

You can also find your way around by using

  • The hyperlinks in the text

  • The "CONTENTS" navigation on the right-hand panel of each page

  • The search function, in the top right of the header

If you do not have a stable connection you can also download sections or the whole guide as a PDF.

However, please be aware that you will need to come back and download it again periodically so that you do not miss any updates to the guide.

How to stay up to date

The Guide is updated on a regular basis.

There are two ways to make sure you don't miss any updates:

  1. Come back to The Guide whenever you are working on a new application to see if there is any new advice or insight.


GFMD MediaDev Fundraising Guide has eleven modules focusing on different aspects of how to apply for funding to support media development and journalism programmes.

1. Preparation & planning2. Competitive advantages3. Donor engagement4. Identifying opportunities5. Types of application6. Application process7. Building partnerships8. Writing a proposal9. Common templates10. Project staffing11. Budgeting

The eleven modules are free to access.


Subsections of the guide, such as the examples templates in the Common templates module are only available to GFMD members and affiliates.

If you work for a GFMD member or affiliate, just click on the links to request access to the guides and templates.

If you have any issues accessing the guides and templates, please contact Fiona Nzingo, our Membership and Engagement Manager - fnzingo[at] - subject line "Resource Centre Password Access".

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Feedback & new sections

To suggest updates, changes, or templates and to come forward with case studies, please see the feedback and collaboration section. form.

Feedback & collaboration


Fundraising lexicon

Throughout the modules, you will find links to the fundraising lexicon.

The lexicon provides definitions, context, and examples about how particular programmatic, fundraising, and media development terms are understood by donors and how they should be used and responded to in funding applications and project design.

+ Fundraising lexicon

As well as viewing the whole lexicon in alphabetical order, you can also browse this resource by the following categories:

Call for proposals & terms of referenceApplications & offersApplication formsContracts & agreementsStakeholdersBudgets


GFMD's series of webinars on MediaDev fundraising can be found here:

+ MediaDev funding webinars

If you would like to suggest topics for future events, please get in touch!


Where to find MediaDev funding?

The Guide provides an overview of the organisations that fund media development and journalism support initiatives, programmes and projects.

+ MediaDev Funders

You can find information about MediaDev Donors in the following categories:

Our mapping of MediaDev Donors is an ongoing process. If you would like to help us keep it up to date, please get in touch.

Funding opportunities

Browse the latest funding opportunities for media development and journalism on the GFMD website.

Emergency funding

In this section, you will find tools and resources about emergency funding.

+ Crisis/emergency funding


The GFMD MediaDev Fundraising Guide is a collaborative effort.

GFMD is powered by our 200-strong membership and the commitment of our community to work for the greater good of the sector. In that vein, we appeal to you to work with us to improve the richness and quality of this resource.

See our feedback section for how you can get in touch about how you can help us make this Guide more effective and relevant to your needs.

Acknowledgements & appreciation

The GFMD MediaDev Fundraising Guide is inspired by recent successful guides, including Reset's Open Calls, the Membership Guide from The Membership Puzzle Project and many others.

The Secretariat of the Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD) is especially grateful to:

  • Michael Randall, who developed the content for the first version of the Guide.

  • The expertise and advice of our members and supporters who reviewed the Guide and made many valuable suggestions ahead of publication in June 2021. Special thanks go to:

    • Alex Pearce (BBC Media Action)

    • Bridget Gallagher (Gallagher Group)

    • Camilla Palazzini (openDemocracy)

    • Laurence Burckel (CFI)

    • Mariana Santos (Chicas Poderosas)

    • Raquel Bennet (Chicas Poderosas)

    • Shannon Meredith (Chicas Poderosas)

  • For content production and editing:

    • Manuel Lemos (Intern GFMD)

    • Camille Seyt (Intern GFMD)

Who funds the GFMD MediaDev Fundraising Guide?

Project funding to get the GFMD MediaDev Fundraising Guide off the ground was provided by the Open Society Foundations.

The Guide was also produced thanks to GFMD's core funding which comes from:

The Guide continues to be updated and improved thanks to funding from the Isocrates Foundation.

If you would like to support future versions or translations of the Guide, please get in touch.

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