Monitoring Crimes Against Journalists

Institute for Mass Information recording crimes against the media

The Ukrainian Institute of Mass Information, a Kiev-based non-governmental organization whose objective is to defend journalists’ rights, to upgrade their professional skills and to consolidate press freedom in Ukraine, is monitoring and recording crimes against journalists and the media during the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.
Russia's war crimes against media in Ukraine (updated continuously)

Human Rights Watch on issues raised by Putin's invasion

European media director of Human Rights Watch Andrew Stroehlein outlines best practices and mistakes to avoid when reporting on issues such as war crimes against civilians, issues with the treatment of prisoners of war and the repression of free speech and of the media in Russia in this interview with the Reuters Institute.
Reporting on human rights amid the war in Ukraine: what journalists need to know
Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

IPI Ukraine War Press Freedom Tracker

The International Press Institute has launched a monitoring database, the Ukraine War Press Freedom Tracker, which systematically documents all attacks on journalists and restrictions on media freedom linked to the conflict in Ukraine, including in Russia.
Russia-Ukraine War Archives - International Press Institute
International Press Institute